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What is a Posture Alignment Specialist?
A certified practitioner trained to restore posture to its natural alignment to improve function and eliminate pain.
Who can Posture Therapy benefit?
Anyone who suffers from chronic pain or has physical limitations during daily activity. Our bodies should be balanced from front to back, right to left and top to bottom. For various reasons we can deviate from this alignment leading to compensations and pain.
What happens during a session?
Posture photos, gait analysis and simple functional tests are used to assess how your pain is attributed to postural dysfunctions and compensations. The site of the pain is rarely the source of the pain. Client education is crucial in this process and the goal is for you to understand the correlation between how your body is presently aligned and how it is designed to align. We will review a series of exercises designed individually for you to remedy your dysfunction.
What happens after the session?
Do the exercises daily and we will follow up in a specified amount of time to evaluate progress and discuss feedback. You decide the amount of time you’re willing to spend on the exercises each day.
Do I need special equipment?
No. Most exercises can be done at home or in your office.
Why should I add Posture Therapy if I’m already doing Pilates, Personal Training or Physical Therapy?
It will help to accomplish more during all activity whether on your own or with your instructor / therapist. Your body is not manipulated during posture therapy, but looked at as a functioning unit. Everything is connected and there is really no such thing as isolating muscles because they work in groups to move your bones in or out of alignment! If you’re in Physical Therapy, it can complement the manual work your therapist is doing with you.
Who is the Therapist and where did the method come from?
Leah Ousley is the Therapist and she completed her Posture Alignment Specialist certification with Egoscue University in 2016. She found that the method provided a missing educational link with her work. She continues to be amazed with the method's unique approach to help clients live without pain.

The Egoscue method was developed in the 1970’s by Pete Egoscue, through his efforts to find solutions for his own chronic pain. His story is familiar to anyone who has suffered without being able to find relief, and the solutions he discovered on his journey can help you be pain-free for life and live the life you want!

A Purple Heart, Pioneering Pain Relief

More than four decades ago, Pete Egoscue returned from Vietnam with a Purple Heart and ongoing nerve pain due to wounds suffered in battle. Like many of us, Pete was conditioned to rely on medical experts, but they focused on his symptoms and were unable to help him. So Pete began his search for a way to live pain-free, finding the true cause of his symptoms—his posture and balance.

Egoscue, a functional anatomist, has authored several books and has clinics throughout the US and abroad. This method is considered the world leader in non-medical pain relief, with testimonials from ordinary people to legendary athletes such as Jack Nicklaus. Visit for more information.